Client Reviews


 "I have to say I do believe in Angels on earth and Melissa is truly an angel. She took the time to explain things to me and never rushed anything. Not only does she have abilities but she is also knowledgeable in health, spiritual healing and prayers and I will always use her.
~ Chris

"You blew me away! You were sensitive to my needs throughout the reading and
provided detailed information
about multiple loved ones who had passed!
I will be calling you back for another reading soon!  
~ Michele


"You are so amazing! Thanks so much for what you inspire me .......
please keep doing what you do...... Ilove you so much!"
~ Sarah.

"Awesome page with lots of great content. When going through your beautiful website, I can see your amazing energy that you put up there! Love it, thank you. You are incredible !"
~ Phar Banks ~ Happy Life Fulfillment Co-Founder / Partner


This was wonderful to see how your gift gives comfort and insight into my life. I truly appreciate and thank you for your help and guidance. When we are able to connect with our future aspirations based on your counsel it results in great contentment. Thanks for your help.
~ Gina


"You’re amazing! You’re as good as any medium I have seen on t.v.! 
Plan on me sticking around for a long, long time!"
~ Lenique