Psychic Medium Readings

Whether you are new to my website or not I am glad you are here. I believe you were guided to me by a loved one on the other side. As a professional Psychic Medium I act as a conduit between you and your loved ones. You can think of me as a Spiritual Mailman who delivers messages of love and wisdom all for your highest good.  

The Readings I Offer ARE:

  • Evidential Psychic Mediumship Readings ~ Through this reading I provide names, personal details and traits specific to your loved one who has passed on.  
  • Psychic Readings ~ Through this reading I address questions to answers you seek. 
  • Oracle Card Readings ~ Oracle cards can be used as an additional tool in the reading. I will use the best spread I feel will provide the best answers to the questions you seek. 

I offer a 20% discount for new customers which can be selected at checkout by entering the following code NEW CLIENT. Please note all bookings should be booked and paid 1 hour in advance.

For individuals/families looking for a missing person send a brief email to: and provide me with the following information. Who you are looking for, a woman, man or child? Their first name, the length of time they have been missing, your name, the best phone number and email address to contact you at. I usually have a quick turn around time and respond as soon as possible. However, if you contact me after hours/late night I will respond to you the next business day. 

This was wonderful to see how your gift gives comfort and insight into my life. I truly appreciate and thank you for your help and guidance. When we are able to connect with our future aspirations based on your counsel it results in great contentment. Thanks again for your help.
— Gina
Melissa you’re amazing! You’re as good as any medium I have seen on t.v.! Plan on me sticking around for a long, long time!
— Lenique

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